Harry & Charlotte, Married at The New House Country Hotel.

On July the 9th, I had the privilege to photograph the wedding of two wonderful people, Harry and Charlotte, at The New House Country Hotel in Cardiff.

The day started very early, as Velothon Wales were due to be heading over Caerphilly mountain, and this meant road closures all around the New House, but due to the fantastic organisational skills of Harry and Charlotte, all guests were aware, and nobody was going to let a bike race stop them from being at the wedding.

Being a documentary style wedding photographer, it’s important for me not to orchestrate the day, instead I wait, and let the day, and the celebration unfold, I try to capture the moments that the Bride and Groom are too busy to see.

The service took place in the beautiful marquee, to the rear of the hotel, and with the sun shining through it really did look stunning, it is a beautiful venue.

After the service, the festivities began, with a walk through the confetti fuelled guests, followed by speeches, cake cutting and dancing.

I left the beautiful wedding while the dance floor, was full of happy people, and would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Harry and Charlotte, whom I am sure will have many wonderful years together.

Below are some of my favourite images of the day.

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Documentary Wedding Photography. by Michael Creedon


For me a wedding is all about people being people, a celebration of feelings, joy and happiness.

I have a background in magazine printing, so after years of looking at peoples stories on printed pages in front of me, it seemed almost inevitable I was going to fall into a “documentary” or candid style of wedding photography.

And I love it!

Here are some of my favourite candid moments, caught over the last couple of years.

If your getting married and are interested in a natural wedding photographer, who will observe your day rather than orchestrate it, then please feel free to get in touch, my details are at the bottom of the page.

Howell&Joanna 10








Lloyd & Adele 098


Lloyd & Adele 106


Wedding 043

Lloyd & Adele 141


Image 010

Rhyd & Tanya 58

Howell&Joanna 77














Sunshine, Tapas & Football.

Barca 020

Had a weekend in Barcelona with my son, a couple of weeks ago. The weather was fantastic and the city looked amazing. We didn’t stop walking and taking the metro all weekend, everywhere was easily accessible and the trains were always on time.

Took my Fuji XT1 with me and tried to capture our weekend away. We started at La Rambla, headed around the Gothic Quarter and looked around the amazing Mercat de la Boqueria.

Barca 002

Barca 003

Barca 005

Barca 007

Barca 009

Barca 013

Barca 011

Barca 012

Barca 014

Barca 015

Barca 016

Barca 017

Barca 018


Barca 019

Barca 021

Barca 022

Barca 023

Barca 025

Barca 026

Barca 027

The next day was spent, looking around the Camp Nou and catching some premiership football in a local bar and eating in the market, which was amazing.

Barca 033

Barca 036

Barca 039

Barca 040

Barca 048

Barca 050

Barca 076

Barca 075

Barca 074

Barca 073

Then a trip back to the hotel on the metro.

Barca 031

Barca 053

Barca 052

Barca 054

Barca 055

Sunday came, and we thought a fitting thing to do on a Sunday is to visit church. So we arrived at La Sagrada Familia, couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

Barca 056

Barca 057

Barca 060

Barca 061

Barca 062

Barca 067

Barca 064

Barca 063

Barca 065

Barca 066

No time to waste, we headed to the beach at la Barceloneta.

Barca 072

Barca 070

Barca 069

Barca 071

Barca 068

The final chapter on our Barcelona weekender, was back to the Camp Nou, to cheer on Barcelona as they took on Valencia, and beat them 4-2.

Barca 085

Barca 080

Barca 077

Barca 078

Barca 079

Barca 081

Barca 082

Barca 083

Barca 084

Barca 086

Barca 089

Barca 090

Barca 091

Barca 092

Can’t wait to go back, and visit again.

Barca 030

Watching London.

An early morning start, and I was on my way to London for a street photography workshop hosted by Kevin Mullins.

Thought it best to travel light, so took my Fuji XT-1 and 2 lenses, my 18mm and 27mm pancake lens, which I’ve hardly used, for no other reason than the 18mm always seems to be on my camera and handles everything really well. So a conscious effort was made, and I started the day with the 27mm, just to see if it would be suitable for some Street Photography. 

Arrived nice and early, and a brisk walk from Victoria bus station, led me past Buckingham Palace, and down The Mall, which although the weather wasn’t great, was full of people walking, running, and cycling to work.

After quickly moving on from taking the policeman’s picture under Admiralty Arch, I made my way to Trafalgar Square, I couldn’t believe the amount of people walking past the National Gallery, heads down, either buried in they’re phones or under umbrellas.

I was meeting the rest of people attending the workshop at charing cross station.

Found the right station, and a quick briefing about our day and introductions to each other with a coffee.

Shame really, that we were in the coffee shop across the road from this one, you can probably see which one from the reflection in the window.

Now I love black and white images, so the majority of the time my camera is set up in jpeg black and white, but today I was also using the Classic Chrome and Velvia filters on my camera, and I was really pleased with some of the results.

First challenge of the day was “The Colour Green”, and being on Trafalgar Square at the time there wasn’t much of it about.

Until you start looking, then that’s all you start seeing.

Next up was to use the plain background of the National Gallery’s wall to photograph movement of people, luckily I had already had a practice on my walk from the bus.

Couldn’t resist taking a picture of the painters and decorators on they’re way to work.

From here we moved to Covent Garden, where we were to capture pictures in Black and White, we also had time to use the back button focusing technique, which once I  got my head around was much quicker.

I love taking pictures of everyday life, but, there’s not many people walking around with smiles on there faces, so when you see a smile, you have to try and capture it.

There it is, love it.

After a well deserved lunch break, we headed to China Town, as we walked towards it, you could see the lanterns hanging over the streets like bunting, it looked amazing, try to catch some interesting portraits was the order. An absolutely brilliant place to visit, probably my favourite part of the day.

This man walking through China Town, is probably my favourite picture of the day, I love the colours and how serious he is looking, don’t think he minded me taking his picture, I’m sure he would of told me if he did.

Last part of the day was spent in Leicester Square, then onto a debrief, some editing techniques,  and a well earned pint.

Had a great time watching London being London, the information I gained on the workshop was so helpful, but most of all, I really enjoyed my day.

The images which have not been watermarked, were edited on my tablet whilst travelling back home on the bus.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look.

Street Photography around Cardiff.

Took my camera into Cardiff a couple of days ago, walked around the city with my fuji xt-1 and my 18mm lens, which was wide enough to make sure that I could get everything in frame, especially when taking pictures of people, as I walked past them.

Walking through Bute Park,  I saw these two girls,  who were obviously part of the council gardening team, one seemed  to be struggling with the weight of the two buckets, but the sun was shining and neither of them seemed to mind me stopping and taking they’re picture. Bute Park is a stunning, green space in the middle of Cardiff, thanks to the hard work of the gardeners.

Looking down the River Taff, from Bute Park towards the Principality Stadium, the sun was low and gave a beautiful morning light.

I headed into the city centre next, in a hope to catch some more photos with people in.

I love the high contrast  B+W images, I think it really suits a street style of photography.

Of course, not everybody likes to have they’re picture taken, but when you give them a smile and a nod, they tend to be okay about it.

Cardiff Market is buzzing with people all the time, and the fact that it has those giant windows in the roof, means it’s always a pretty good light in there.

The Welsh cake woman, was pictured through the glass of her counter, hence  the bit of flare by her nose. I’d like to tell you that she smiled after she caught me taking this photo, but I think it was more of a scowl, than a smile.

Time for a break, bacon roll and a coffee at the little man coffee shop.

I wasn’t the only person taking a a break.

Next stop, head back to the station, catch my train home, I was feeling quite brave by now, and enjoying experimenting with different settings of focusing to get me closer to my subjects.

Time to get on the train, hopefully I’ll put another post together in short while.

Thanks for looking.